Senior Triple Crown 2022 – Day 2

After a great first days play with some great scores, day 2 saw things get underway with the Men’s Doubles. The final results were 1st Guy Lipscomb & Trevor Green (Wales B), 2nd Jack Smith & Andy Gillespie (Scotland B) and 3rd Steve Williams & Robert Bruce (Wales C). The third place position had to be identified by highest last game as there was a tie with Nickey O’Malley & Tom Byrne (Ireland A) who finished on the same score.

In the Ladies Trios which followed, honors went to 1st Angie Brown, Jan Hodge & Gaye McCully (England B), 2nd Berni Moriary, Dymphna Kestell & Theresa Watts (Ireland A) and 3rd Sandra Simmonds, Lynn Squibb & Carole Orange (England A).

And the final event of the day was the Men’s Trios with results of 1st Steve Williams, Guy Lipscomb & Robert Bruce (Wales B), 2nd Suren Johansson, Peter Moore & Trevor Green (Wales A) and 3rd Steve Jeeves, Paul Loberman & Colin Grose (England B). On their way to first place, the Wales B team were greatly assisted by a fantastic 300 game by Guy Lipscomb.