Senior Triple Crown 2022 – Day 3

Entering the final day of competition we saw the Team and Mixed Doubles events taking place with all players taking part.

In the Mixed Doubles places were awarded to 1st Lynn Walker & Peter Moore (Wales), 2nd Lynn Squibb & Lol Ellis (England) and 3rd Martina Shortt & Niall Cullen (Ireland).

The Ladies Team event was won by, 1st Gaye McCully, Sandra Simmonds, Carole Orange, Jan Hodge & Angie Brown (England), 2nd Berni Moriarty, Dymphna Kestell, Lorraine Keane, Anita Watts & Theresa Watts (Ireland) and 3rd Joolz Claxton, Liz Gove, Mags Rae, Nan Shepherd & Gloria Carney (Scotland).

The Men’s Team saw 1st Steve Jeeves, Paul Loberman, Kim Johnson, Gary Baker & Colin Grose (England), 2nd Steve Williams, Trevor Green, Guy Lipscomb, Suren Johansson & Robert Bruce (Wales) and 3rd Haulie Storan, Paddy Dunne, Philip Watts, Tom Byrne & Nickey O’Malley (Ireland).

The tournament final event, the Masters, saw the top eight Ladies and eight Men based on the final All Events position compete in a Round Robin final. The winners were, Ladies 1st Gaye McCully (England), 2nd Dymphna Kestell (Ireland) and 3rd Angie Brown (England). And the Men’s, 1st Steve Williams (Wales), 2nd Steve Jeeves (England) and 3rd Colin Grose (England).

We hope you all enjoyed the tournament and look forward to meeting up next year in Wales for the 2023 Senior Triple Crown.